Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 325

New Year's Eve day. Counting my blessings from 2010 and hoping 2011 brings a lot of success & happiness. Hope everyone has a great one! Much love <3

Day 324

Thursday's post...

Spent the night at LJ's childhood casa. Her mom gave me an awesome toothbrush (for real... this thing rocks). LJ and I went to coffee with our friend Anna (pic from Spring Break almost 2 yrs ago). Went to lunch with my friends Lauren, Bianca, and Alli. Alli is a married woman in SC so we never see her. I tried spray tan. That was an experience for sure. Went out for a bit with LJ and met up with some friends.

That folks... is what you missed when I didn't post.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 323

Chick Fil A for breakfast. Drove back home. Got organized and packed up. Haircut/eyebrow. Drove to the apt. About to head to dinner with Lindsey and a bunch of her girlfriends in Midtown. Until tomorrow...

Currently, I am CRAVING working out. UGHHHHH... life is too busy with deadlines. Tomorrow is the day. I am putting it in writing. I am going to have a solid 2 hour workout. If I don't post that I did it... someone hunt me down and throw me in a gym :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 322

Today we went to Auburn to visit cousins. It was a great visit. We went to a fabulous restaurant called Niffer's Place. Oh em gee. It was phenom! Everyone was shocked that I had never been there before (or at least that I can remember) in my childhood, pre college, college, and post college days. We got fried pickles (spears, not chips--um, yes) and corn nuggets (scary I know. imagine creamed corn fried--yeah, delish!). Caleb discovered lemons. He made a few shivers, but kept going back for more. It's amazing how 7 grown adults can sit in complete silence/comment on his every move and just watch an infant be an infant. We were all highly entertained. Tonight we went to the movies to see How Do You Know? It was just okay. I wasn't entirely convinced by the plot and the ending was lame. Oh well. Attempted to work out on my grandmommy's treadmill, but it for some reason decided to die? So what did I do instead? Yup, I ate. A yummy bowl of cereal--combo of Cheerios and Rice Krispies :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 321

In Alabama visiting grandmommy. She opened her presents. She is now the proud owner of an iPhone. I have no doubt in my mind that she'll learn how to use it in no time. She is SOOOO with it! We've been shopping all afternoon and now we're all wiped. Tonight we're going to watch the Falcons/Saints game. I'm pretty jealous of my bff Lauren.... she has sideline passes!! Not fair! Check out grandmommy's tree she created. She put a hole punch in each of her cards then put a hanger in them for the tree. It's just darling!

Tomorrow we're going to Auburn to visit some fam. Ta ta for now :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 320

No, I didn't see this, but I thought it looked pretty neat. What did I do today you ask? A whole bunch of nothing, which is pretty cool. I'd say the highlights were going to see friends tonight and making snow ice cream with mama (a tradition in our home!). I love the snow! Tomorrow we'll hopefully get out of Atlanta and see my sweet grandmommy... we need to celebrate Christmas with her

ps-yes, I'm tired with the day thing my cousin told me about. No more. Got bored of it. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Standing Tuck

A video I found in my snowed in adventure.....

Proof I actually had cheerleading talent and it's not all made up :) I'm the second one in the back row.

Day 319

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I almost didn't make it... 20 minutes till Dec. 26th! Phew. I have been sucked into our basement watching old dance and cheerleading videos. Literally bringing myself to tears. I miss the dancing. I miss the cheering. I miss the people. Ahhhhh, see what a snowed in day does to me... I travel back in time :)

Overall, today was fabulous. IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time in GA since 1882 on Christmas Day. We were planning on going to grandmommy's house in Alabama, but that didn't happen due to the weather. First time in a long time that I can remember not going. We are going to go in a few days though so it'll be fine. Got some great gifts. I won't put you to sleep with it all, but I'd say my favorite is my new watch. It's a beauty! My favorite gift I gave? GLEE Christmas... I've been listening more to it than the recipient! We finally booked all of our travel plans for San Fran today.... less than a month and I couldn't be more stoked. Never been to that city! Is it weird that I am most excited about seeing the Full House house? LOVED that show growing up!

....and to all a good night :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Remember the reason why we tis the season :)

A little taste of the Christmas Eve service at JFBC. Nothing like singing Christmas hymns on Christmas Eve! Happy Birthday JC :)

Day 318

My Christmas Eve in a nutshell. Remember the reason why we tis the season :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 317

DAY 9: a moment you wish you could relive.

**Spring Breaks with best friends!**

Today was super productive. Cleaned. Laundry. Traveled to parent's house (ex roomies). Mama and I went shopping tonight for a few things and grabbed some Starbucks. Nothing like a Starbucks latte on a cold, wintry night! Curled up on couch watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas/helping mama make a gift for Abby's parents (my brothers gf). Night y'all!

Oh yeah... something melted my heart today. The student I had that was in college this semester sent me a message today that said this... "I am asking Santa for a class and teacher as great as I got to experience this semester. Thank you for helping me verify that teaching is something I love." How sweet?

Something else that's sweet? I forgot to mention this yesterday, but it was the class party. One of my students brought a bunch of games to share with the class such as Bingo, Twister (definitely the favorite!), Mouse Trap, Scrabble Jr., Guess Who, etc. It was so refreshing to watch those little ones enjoy life and giggle in the process. I heart being a teacher!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 316

DAY 8: a picture that makes you happy :)

Meet Tim. Tim and I always had the best time on datenights in college together :). He always did crazy things I told him to do... like take pics like this. I have a couple more, but I'd say this is the best. I chose this picture because it reminded me of the amazing time I had in college. I am so thankful for the experiences I had, the leadership roles I gained which shaped who I am today, and most importantly.... the people I met in the process. Lucky, for sure! :)

Today was the last day of school for the 2010 year! I came home and slept for 2 hours. Now I am a bit energized and ready to hit the town. Tonight one of my bffs Julie is in town and we are having a shindig for her. She lives in Germany so I can't wait to attack her!!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 315

Daniel and I--mama's side cousin

Jessica and I--mama's side cousin

Kara, Emily, Jenna, Me, Greg, Kristen, Adam, and David-- dad's side cousins (some of)

DAY 7: a picture of you and your cousins and 5 people you miss.

1) Jessica
2) MacKenzie
3) Casey
4) Granddaddy
5) Carly

School. FINALLY, my best friend Lauren came to visit me at school. She has never been before! The kids of course loved her. Wrote a recommendation for someone that is due tomorrow (did I mention I received it yesterday?). Found out a child is being withdrawn tomorrow so I had to enter grades before leaving school (not to mention, I am really sad about it! Love that kid!). Wal-Mart to drop off pictures and shop for party tomorrow. Babies R Us for Alex's baby shower (should I mention that I changed in their bathroom and borrowed a pen from the cashier to sign the card? yeah, long day). Alex's baby shower at Fickle Pickle. Wal-Mart to pick up pictures and shop for a few things (muahaha... let's just say I won't be dressed like I normally am). So yeah... that was my day. I have SOOOOO much I could do, but I just wanna crash. Night.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 314

DAY 6: a picture of you and someone you look up to.

I love my GRANDMOMMY!!!! I look up to her for many reasons...

1) She is strong... she lost her mother and husband in two weeks of each other.
2) She is well-liked.... pretty sure she has more friends than I do.
3) She is good looking.... can I look like her when I am 78?
4) She is healthy.... what is your secret?
5) She is the ROCK of the family... I hope I will be that positive family figure one day.
6) She is WITH IT.... how many of your grandmommys text, have facebook, send emails, read blogs, travel to LA to see a million tv shows (DWTS, Dr. Phil, Jay Leno), attend NYC to go to Good Morning America, play slot machines at casinos in Vegas, etc.? MINE DOES!!!
7) She is loving.... her love is never ending.
8) She is smart.... she always knows what's best before I know it's best.
9) She is a fabulous cook.... yummmyyyyyyyyy!!!
10) She is GRANDMOMMY.... enough said.

I love you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a good one. School. Step (no Josh! sad day! right Dr. P?). Roommate dinner/Christmas gift exchange. Made dish for tomorrow. Tired so I'll talk to you tomorrow! Night.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 313

DAY 5: post a picture of someone you work with and 5 things you love about your job.

1. The students.
2. The teachers.
3. The leaders.
4. The support.
5. The laughter.

Happy Sunday! Met Lauren at the mall for some lunch and shopping. Finished wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards. Worked out in the gym downstairs. Went to dinner with someone. Grading/entering grades. Pretty much sums up today!

3 days. We can do it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 312

DAY 4: an old picture of someone you've known forever and 5 memories you've shared with them.

PIC: Mrs. Mary (my ballet teacher from age 3-16 when I quit). I'm the little brunette on the right of this picture looking to the left.

1. Going on a trip with Mrs. Mary's family to Callaway Gardens (age 13).
2. Performing a powerful dance she choreographed that made the audience sob (age 15)!
3. Performing polichinelles and Mrs. Mary being Mother Ginger (age 9 and age 12).
4. Mrs. Mary telling the news to my mom and I that I'd be featured in the "Dance Now" magazine (age 9).
5. Meeting Mrs. Mary at Dance Fashions to try on pointe shoes for the first time (age 9)!

Mrs. Mary is one of the most amazing mentors I had growing up. She was like a second mother to me. I loved (and still do) her SOOOOOO much. I visit her sometimes (yes, she is still teaching!) and she welcomes me with open arms. I hope I can influence my students like Mrs. Mary influenced me.

PIC: I am not positive what year this was (maybe 1997?), but it was me doing "Dream Scene" in the Nutcracker. We did a lot of shows in a huge auditorium, but we also did little performances for various events across the state of Georgia. This performance was at a center where we performed for underprivileged families in Hiwassee. I remember we did Toys for Tots while we were there. I happen to be front and center in this pic :). This is the best I could do... I know I have MILLIONS of Nutcracker pics of me from over the years, but for some reason mama hasn't uploaded them to snapfish.

Today I went to the Nutcracker for a student that I taught two years ago. She asks me every year to go and I always do! It brings me back to my childhood when I was in the Nutcracker from age 8 to 16... SOOOOO fun! After that, I went shopping with my mama at the mall and ate at the Cheesecake Factory... Pasta Di Vinci is where it is at! YUMMY! Laura and I are laying low tonight with writing Christmas cards along with watching Love Actually... have a great Saturday night!

Day 311

My new friend, Katherine, and I! We met through mutual friends. She's great!

DAY 3: post a picture with someone you've met this year and write 15 things you want to do by this time next year.. :)

1. Become a better teacher with new creative ideas.
2. Go sky diving :)
3. Become fluent in Spanish (or at least better than I am currently--my assistant only talks to me in Spanish so I am on my way there).
4. Start up a club at school... I have an idea, I just need time!
5. Stay in touch with my friends... I tend to stay in my bubble.
6. Go to more workout classes instead of my regular step.
7. Develop more patience.
8. Try new foods... I'm not a seafood person really and I think it's about time I try it out. Indian food looks interesting too.
9. Work on procrastination... it's getting the best of me.
10. Beat Marhilvi in Words with Friends.... by a lot.
11. Go back to LA to attend more shows! I don't think I can beat this year though with the American Idol Finale, shaking Jay Leno's hand, and Dancing with the Stars!
12. End being a hoarder... make a couple trips a year to Good Will.
13. Stand up for myself and not do what people want me to just to make THEM happy.
14. Travel to another country... somewhere in Europe would be cool!
15. Become more competent in teaching.

As a side job, Lindsey is a magician. Or at least when she sits by an air vent. :)

Silly string's best friend, Goofy string (cheap dollar store version), met Lindsey last night at the birthday party.

Yesterday was crazy busy. School, Lindsey's car dealership, Lindsey's house, principal's casa for staff party, decorate for Nicole's birthday, then surprise party! Phewwwww. Long day... notice that is why I didn't have time to post. I send my apologies.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 310

Linds and I spent all day shopping for others (and ourselves... cough cough). Overall, it was an eventful day. Right now we're working on a secret project for tomorrow. Muahahahahha!

DAY 2: a picture that makes you smile (my friend Megalicious) and your top 10 favorite bands/artists of all time (not in order)

Don't judge. When I reflect on my life, these peeps below are the ones I have LOVED!

1) N*sync/Backstreet Boys.... it's a toss up
2) Musicals (Fosse, Hairspray, Chicago, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
3) Hootie and the Blowfish
4) Kelly Clarkson
5) Dixie Chicks
6) Whitney Houston
7) Lady Gaga
8) Sugarland
9) Celine Dion
10) Britney

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 309

I decided in my last few weeks here on blogging I'd switch it up a bit. My cousin Jenna is doing this thing on her blog where she does something different for 40 days. I'm going to attempt it....

DAY ONE: Post a picture of yourself and write 16 Facts about yourself.

1. I am a teacher.
2. I always have a few things on my mind... the good, the bad, you know..
3. I value my relationships with my family and friends.
4. I'm pretty blessed and lucky to do what I do each day.
5. Thai food is my new found obsession.
6. The best thing to do is dance.
7. Jesus is the man.
8. I love birthdays.
9. Step aerobics is the best workout!
10. I love a good concert.
11. I love to travel... especially to California... I'm moving there one day!
12. I'm that girl you see in your car totally jamming out to a song.
13. I'm obsessed with my car.
14. I'd rather be cold than hot.
15. Dogs really are better.
16. My life simply just rocks. No major complaints.

This is what happens when Lindsey leaves me with her baby. He's such a model in his Santa suit. Love that little one. I had tonight all planned out... workout with Josh then finish up some Christmas shopping. Um... since Atlanta can't drive, I decided that wasn't gonna happen. Boo to ice and tons of traffic. I still worked out, but it was lame. I am spoiled with classes whenever I want... machines make me bored now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 308

Observation from today.... working at a mall kiosk must be super tough. I don't know if I have ever stopped when they say, "Mam, let me show you how your beautiful hair can be silkier." I always reply with something like "Sorry, I'm in a hurry!" or "No thanks!" as I walk a bit faster. I mean really though... what a tough job to try and pull everyone into their business when people are on missions.

Hats off to you kiosk employees. Next time, I'll stop and look at your jewelry, get that minute sample of your massage machine, watch how straight you can straighten my hair, glow in the fact that your makeup in better than mine, etc. For real, see ya next time. I promise to not neglect you and give you a chance.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 307

Best food when it's FREEEEZZZZZZZIINNNGGGG? Grilled cheese and tomato soup!

School. Step. Grocery (ice cream day tomorrow!).

Thing that made me chuckle the most today? One of my friends from high school got engaged. Her name is Morgan. Her fiance's name is Drew Morgan. So her name will be Morgan Morgan. What happens in this situation? Do you go by Morgan Morgan? OR... do you use your middle name? Do you keep your own last name? Do you throw your middle name in the middle in hopes that no one notices Morgan and Morgan are sandwiching it? That's a long signature. Decisions, decisions. Glad I don't have to make them. Unless one day I marry someone with the last name of Michelle and then in that case I will be Leigh (middle name) Michelle.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 306

Started the morning off right at J.Christopher's with my mom and her friend that lives next door to the restaurant. I got a Pumpkin Latte and Eggs Benedict that were both delish. My mom went to a reunion with women she used to work with at Griffin Middle School yesterday. GMS's claim to fame is some astronaut and Julia Roberts. My mom taught her in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Crazy huh? She was telling us the funniest stories about Julia this morning.... one involving an eye contact that I swore I wouldn't share on my blog, but I'll tell it in person if you are that curious. :)

After brunch, my mom and I came home to put the Christmas tree up. It was definitely hard work considering there were so many plugs and such. FINALLY we got the entire thing to light up. I'll take a pic of it the next time I'm home of the finished product. Dad even helped too... surprising considering football was on.

I left shortly after because I had to babysit. I haven't babysat in a while, but it was good to see the family. She was pretty smart... she had me commit to days for the next few months. Get me while ya can people :) The snow and fire at their house was definitely what I needed to get in the Christmas spirit!

I was craving pad thai from Super H Mart after leaving babysitting. This stuff is flipping amazing. I know it sounds super sketch, but trust me! It's phenomenal.

Tomorrow is already Monday... surprisingly, I love Mondays... starting new topics and step class. Bring it on Monday!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 305

Holy cow. FUN night last night!! Lindsey and I combined friend forces. We each brought out a few friends and everyone loved each other. Good times were had.

Lindsey and I are exactly a year and 1 week apart. We decided earlier this week that we were going to have a joint birthday party this year. We wanted to attend the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB) concert with some of our closest friends. This morning was a headache, but turned out wonderful in the end. NKOTBSB tickets went on sale today at 12pm. I called in to Ticketmaster at 11:50 with the hopes of getting our FOURTEEN (yes, 14) friends to sit together. Didn't happen. We got 8 together then 6 together. Luckily, we're still in the same section and same row. There are just 10 people in the middle of us. I hope those 10 people will be understanding and scoot down OR maybe they'll WANT to move away from us. We're a pretty large group... kinda scary and probably will be annoying for those sandwiched in. Ha.

Today we went to lunch at Taco Mac. Pretty sure I haven't laughed that hard in the longest time. I have funny friends. I needed that after my pretty crummy week. Came home to Marietta with the intent to help my mom with the Christmas tree. Totally didn't happen. Fell asleep for THREE hours. What the? Glad I wasteeedddd the day! NOT. Currently, I am taking a break from grading papers. I love it when they know they did well enough to put a grade on the paper themselves :) Presh!

Goal tomorrow? Help with the tree. Can't wait to show! It's HUGGGGGGEEEEE and a beauty.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 305

This week was a real test of my patience and understanding. I can truly say that in every aspect of my life (school, coaching, etc.) I found myself constantly trying to help others and make THEM happy. Some were appreciative of my efforts and others not so much... one particular situation at school that still irritates me to this second. SOOOOOOOOO...... I'm putting a pause on things.... and doing something to make ME happy. Out with my friends! Have a good night. We'll talk tomorrow :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 304

Senior year of high school during Christmas

He always stole my things... like my favorite pink slap bracelet.

I treated him like a real baby... he was. Such a baby!

5 years ago today we had to put my baby to sleep. I'll never forget that day. I was a junior at UGA. He had been sick, but I woke up at 8:00am with a gut feeling one morning.... didn't have class till 12:05. I called my mom just to check in and she told me I might want to come home. I luckily got there in time to say my goodbyes. I have never been more upset about something. I have been very sad about things before, but this was like a CHILD. He was the best dog in the entire world! I loved him more than words can say. I believe all dogs go to heaven... so I am excited to see him one day :)

Needless to say, today was hard. I broke down a few times at school... oops. I wonder if it will ever get easier? Love you Casey Roo :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 303

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Today was a good day. I felt competent and confident. I got a really sweet email from someone today that made my day. They made me feel like my teaching career was one that wasn't made by mistake. Often I question and reflect on my life.... she reminded me that I do serve a purpose in the lives of these kids.

I hung out with my boyfriend tonight... aka Nick Lachey. He is the host of this new show called "The Sing Off". Holy cow!!! THIS SHOW IS PHENOMENAL. The singing on the show beats any singing on any other show. The whole show is based off of acapella groups. I lovvvveeee it when groups make music and beats with their own voices. Absolutely amazing. Not to mention... Nick is pretty fun to watch.

Josh taught a fabulous Cardio Jam class. Of course he played my favorite song of his! I cannot say enough amazing things about his ability to pump up a workout class.

Favorite quote of the day?

Scene: Students are gathered in a circle naming different homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean something different).

Me: Can anyone think of another pair of homophones?
Student: I KNOW!!! Jello--j-e-l-l-o and jhello--j-H-e-l-l-o... Like the jello you eat and the jhello instrument.
Me: I'm not sure I know an instrument called a jhello?
Student: It has strings.
Me: OHHHH, a cello!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 302

Q: Are you a Negative Nancy or a Positive Polly?

... all I have to say is that I strive to be the "P" one tomorrow.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 301

"Kids, let's go for a ride on the wheel barrrraaahhh." He would literally run us around the hugggeeee basement. I remember thinking I was on a rollercoaster. He was sooooo fun to be around! Probably because he was a kid at heart.

We were always found on his lap. ALL of us. I'm the little one with my finger in my mouth... naturally.

My little baby and granddaddy. I can't even express how much I miss both of them. Ah, it makes me tear up just writing this. :(

Jewelry partyyyyyy... it was a success. People left moneyless and full of yummy food made by yours truly. I love Monday nights like these :)

Mama sent me a text tonight reminding me that my granddaddy went to heaven 8 years ago today. I'll never forget that phone call and seeing mama's face as she paced up and down the hall figuring out in a matter of minutes how she was going to get to Alabama. We loved him SOOOOOOOOO much and we all think about him often. Love you granddaddy!