Friday, May 27, 2011

1 Memory I'll Never Forget

My 1 Memory I'll Never Forget??? Doing the "friendship web" at the end of today. I had the students get in a circle with 20 minutes left of the day. We discussed how thankful we were for each other... I'd say 2/3 of my class was in tears. I had them stand up once we were done talking. I got a big ball of yarn out and threw it across to a student. I said one nice thing/thanked them for something while still holding on. It continued until everyone was holding a piece of the yarn. It was a BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLL thing. I enjoyed every moment of it and hearing their beautiful spirits was just amazing in itself. We discussed the meaning of the web... we're all connected, but we have our different ways that we go/believe.... I think it really clicked with all of them. Then, I asked them to drop the string. They were immediately upset because they felt as though they let go of each other. I assured them that the next step of the "friendship web" was to cut the yarn so that we can each have a piece. There was not one child that was too cool/didn't care to be a part of it. They were each helping each other tie their piece of it on themselves... necklaces, bracelets, etc. It was a beautiful moment that I will NEVER forget!!!!!! I feel lucky and blessed in knowing that I created a classroom community.... one where the students absolutely loved being and felt comfortable with. Love that class and will miss them SOOOOOOOO much!

2 Goals for Next Year

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 Books I Discovered and Like

I wish I had taken more pictures of today.... but with Field Day... it was a bit busy :)

I did see a lot of my sign language book, The Giving Tree (my fave and they know it!), any of the I'll Read To You/You Read To Me books, Amelia Bedelia, and Skippy Jon Jones (thanks to L!). I love reading and I can comfortably say my students do too! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Every Good Story Comes To An End....

Great Sunday! I did a 5K and step class today... it felt great to get some energy out!

Welp, this is it. Last week of school! Going along with the 5 days left... I have 5 goals for myself this week... in no particular order...

1) Patience, patience, patience. They're kids. It's the last week of school. Patience. Enough said.

2) Live in the moment.

3) Don't get stressed out with the 293 things I have to do.

4) Give them the BEST week they've ever had because I don't know what the summer brings for them.

5) Have structure, but a fun structure :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

6 Adjectives That Describe Me

Friday+school+babysitting=tired, tired, tired Michelle. Night

Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 Places I Want To Travel

My students BEG me to pull down the map... so I figured this would be an easy and fun topic for them. I was correct! Ms. Wexler's house, Disney World, and Australia (our International country we studied) were the most popular destinations. :)

See ya for Day 6!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Favorite Things I Do Each Day

Again... so lucky. I thought the "look at Ms. Wexler" and "working on worksheets" was funny! This is mostly because I just recently gave them a "summer fun" choice packet (aka unused worksheets from the past few years)... and they thought it was just fabulous :) Love them!

Check out yesterday underneath this post.

Just want to say a shout out to the girls at bible study tonight. Without going into too much detail... each week when we have concluded our lesson, we go around the circle and share prayer requests we have. Sometimes I have like 5 and sometimes I have to really think about what has been on my heart. Tonight was pretty easy for me... I didn't even have to think twice. Sharing my prayer requests, I started to cry. I didn't realize how much each was affecting my life. SO... I want to thank those girls there tonight for listening and encouraging me in my struggles. I love you all!

9 Things That Make Me Happy

Clearly, this one captured my heart :) My students are SO sweet! I am so blessed to do what I do.

Sorry I didn't blog this on the actual day... we had a jewelry party that ran a little late at our apartment. By the time it was over, I was definitely exhausted.

Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Words I Learned

10 days left. I told you yesterday that I wanted to do a countdown of memories with my class and I did. We created books today that we will continue to add to until the last day. Today I had them make their covers and do the day 10 assignment: 10 words I learned. It was so neat seeing them look up words in their textbooks and books in my classroom library. They had so much fun with it... and I had just as much fun reading them! Hearing them tell me what their words meant was pure joy!

My school landed on the county website! And I happen to be featured in the picture... pretty neat!

See you tomorrow for day 9!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I saw this picture a few days ago, but I thought I'd post it because it's so neat!

Hmmmm... what did I do today you ask?

--Graded papers
--Put grades into eschools
--Completed my Progress Skills Checklists (emailed teachers info about students I've been seeing)
--Went to a "meeting" with my mom (muahaha)
--Lunch with mom
--Filled out 5 SST forms
--Step class where a complete stranger said "You're amazing!" at the end of the class. (duh! What he doesn't know is that I look forward to it all week and that's where I get most of my energy out haha)
--Went grocery shopping for our jewelry party held this Tuesday
--Reviewed the plans this week
--Talked to my previous student intern and found out she's coming ALL day tomorrow... the kids will be THRILLED!

The only thing I didn't do that I wish I did was go to church. Rats! I did have a quiet time though. Love me some God time!

I look forward to these next 10 days... not because they're about to be over, but the last few moments I have to spend with my class. I truly have an amazing class. They've all captured my heart in SOOOO many ways. I've cried every year on the last day of school and I've already shed a couple tears thinking about this year so I can only imagine my emotions on May 27th. I want to do something fun and memorable for these last few days... I'll blog about it each day. There's a challenge for me! Since tomorrow is 10 days till the end, I want to do something related to 10.... Tuesday will be 9, and so on... I'll post what I do on here!

I hope all of you are having a great day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day... what a fabulous holiday :)

"PLEASEEEEE land safely.... I want proud kids. I want proud kids." (slash I'm super competitive) ... the kids in the front row are actually mine!

"So close... so close"


First of all... check out these pictures that Lauren May sent me. Clearly, I was full of emotions during the egg drop...

Now to the more important thing.... commonly known as Mother's Day. However, in my opinion, each and every day should be Mother's Day. They do SO much for us... well, at least mine does. Mine still calls in to check on me on a daily basis. She makes me call her when I get home. She drops her life for mine (and everyone elses). She does without so others can have. She is just amazing and I love her.

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet grandmommy too. I love her SOOOOO much!!! Clearly, it was love at first sight :)

Glad I got to be with these amazing women on this holiday. Along with my fab aunt, uncle, and brother. Missed everyone else from the fam. Make it a great week!

Friday, May 6, 2011

What an "Egg-citing" Day!

Good evening to all! Two things on my mind....

1) Today at school was the first Science Day. It was absolutely "EGG-cellent"! I had a fabulous time considering something.... I knew late last night that I was ill, but I was too scared to call in sick on such a crucial day. SO... I was a tough cookie. Today consisted of an Egg Drop from the roof of the school, a magic show, two experiments (my experiment was making play dough), and a science parade. At the end of each day, I do a "ticket out the door" ("TOTD") with my students. It ranges from pretty much anything really (facts, question from a topic being studied, what do you think about _______?, etc.). My "TOTD" today was... "What was your favorite part about science day?" I am all about speaking in complete sentences so they had to say "My favorite part was...". I can't wait to tell you what they said... here's a collection of my favorites...

"My favorite part was making the play dough with you. And the magician. And the egg drop when we won. And lunch in the classroom."

"My favorite part was watching the funny magician pull a dove out of the fire. How did he do that?"

"My favorite part was watching you overflow the vegetable oil on the table because you were talking to us. Maybe you shouldn't do more than one thing at a time?"

"My favorite part was walking in the parade with you. Everyone, especially the teachers, loved my flower head."

"My favorite part was when you were trying to tell us to stop walking and we didn't because your voice was so quiet." (aka my voice was pretty much not there at that point)
*This led to my class walking numerous time around the parade route... haha. Everyone thought it was pretty comical.

"My favorite part was all of it. I'll never forget today."

Overall, you can see Science Day was a hit with these peeps. Love them!

After school was not so sweet. I won't put you to sleep, but here is what happened in a nutshell. I basically got threatened to go to a doctor before I went home this afternoon. I stopped at the doc-in-a-box to find out... it really hurts when they jab your throat TWICE, strep tests are sent to Birmingham for further testing and may take till Tuesday if you come in on a Friday ("I mean if you had come in yesterday we could have had it faster." Um pretty sure I wasn't sick yesterday???? UGH), swollen black eyes are the first sign of allergies (she literally said to me... "I know we don't know each other well, but do you always have those black circles under your eyes?")... needless to say, I left so annoyed I started to cry. Thank goodness for friends that will cheer you up! Thanks Meg :)

So.... don't know what my sickness is yet... hopefully Birmingham won't take their sweet time, but what I do know is that I work at the bestest school on Earth.... people stepped in and helped me out without even having to ask. I signed my contract today and boy did it feel awesome... couldn't imagine another place I'd rather be at this point in my life.

PIC: a cute baby I saw on Ellen's page.... thought it was precious.

Night y'all--going to doctor up these "allergies"... yeah right.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I love you!

I went to a funeral today for someone who had a short life of only 21 years. Watching the hurt in the parents eyes and those that loved her absolutely hurt me inside. It was conducted in a very appropriate and peaceful way. The most moving part was when my friend Brian (her older brother) sang a song/played the guitar to her that her dad wrote her before she passed. The song discussed all of her struggles and how she will always be daddy's little girl. I found myself overwhelmed with endless tears. I know Kim was hurting on the inside for so long... I'm hoping she is now at peace. It is my hope and prayer that Kim's family finds comfort soon.

Tell those you love that you love them each day...