Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Days in a Row, yup! Believe it :)

What should I be doing now? Probably unpacking, unloading the dryer, or cleaning my ridiculously messy room. However, I can think of other things that sound better. Updating my day on this here blog. AKA procrastinating :)

I'd like to make you a pros and cons list to my day. Please notice which one outweighs the other.

-Got to school to see a parent waiting for me at my door... shows up at 7 for a conference when it was supposed to be at 7:30... no prep time for me. Good thing I'm a prepared little thing.

-6 conferences in a row didn't show... was there a party I didn't know about?

-Told that one of my sweeties has been withdrawn :(

-Wrote a 10 page paper

-Made every parent smile at least once

-Whipped out my 7 years of Spanish and had fluent (okay, close to fluent maybe?) convos

-Told I've been a blessing in their child's life

-Worked out for first time in over a week due to being out of town and sick

-Saw a friend that has been out for about a week

-Planned a girls night this week: Cinebistro and Footloose!

-Talked to my grandmommy on the phone... she's 79 today! Happy Birthday Grandmommy! Love you! (pic above from my bday millions of years ago)

-Shopped at Trader Joe's... a party in itself. Saw 101 things pumpkin!

-Bought a pumpkin for my class this week

-Grades are done

-Told I was extremely organized... I hear that a lot and I laugh because I know it's that good ole OCD kickin' in :)

-Been stressed about some dilemmas at school... someone I look up to eased my nerves and assured me all is well

Overall, it was a great day! Night kiddos.

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